5-Reasons-to-Wear-a-Helmet1Most riders refuse to wear a helmet for various reasons but there are many good reasons you should wear a helmet. Gone are the days where helmets are bulky and ugly. Bell Helmets are a great choice because they are functional as well as fashionable. Besides looking good in a helmet it could very well save your life.

Below is a list of the top five reasons you should think twice about mounting your bike without proper head gear.

One – It’s The Law

There are 19 states and the District of Columbia where laws are in effect, requiring all motorcyclist to wear a helmet. In 28 states there are laws requiring most of its motorcyclist to wear a helmet. Everyone values their money and fines can be infuriating so don’t take the chance. Make sure you place an emphasis the importance of always wearing a helmet to your kids.

Two – Increased Visibility

Motorcycles are often less visible to other drivers on the road and drivers won’t often see the motorcyclist when the car is switching lanes or making a turn. Having a helmet such as a Bell Helmet can provide reflective surfaces enabling you to be more visible to other drivers.

Three – They Deflect Debris

Even a small piece of gravel or dust from a dust devil can cause the motorcyclist vision to become impaired with can prove to be fatal. Often speeds do not even have to be that high for something like this to occur and can be easily avoidable by simply wearing a helmet.

Four – Reduce the Risk Of Head Injuries

Even if you are only going 30 miles an hour and you get thrown from your bike, you can incur serious damages. It’s a lot easier to recover from broken limbs or road rash than losing your head. If you lose that what else do you have?

Five – Bugs

Have you ever traveled along a country road or highway, especially at night, you know that bugs can be a hazard. The last thing you would ever want is a huge bug getting smashed right into your face and obstructing your ability to drive, thereby causing an accident. Having a helmet can prevent that from happening.

Besides these main safety reasons listed above, there are some comfort reasons a person might also consider. Some Bell Helmets have the ability to use blue tooth for cell phone and music convenience.

Helmets also keep you warm in the winter and can block constant wind in the spring and summer which can lead to allergies and the like. In the summer your helmet can protect you from sun exposure and possible sun burn.

Any way you look at it, wearing a helmet is all around just a better idea!

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