Best Shorts to Run in

If you love running then you should make sure you’re doing it the right way. This includes correct posture, shoes, and shorts. It’s hard to know what the best is for each. Often in a running specialty store you can ask to have a shoe custom made or purchased to your exact gait. What about shorts? Garb Athletics, a custom athletic wear coorporation, has several great tips for you when it comes to thebest shorts to run in.

The Material:
You want a lightweight, moisture-proof material that won’t have drag or cause irritation to the skin. Many running shorts are specifically designed for these factors so it’s best to make sure you get a pair of shorts that is specifically for running.

The Shorter the Better:
Technically length should be personal preference, but the shorter the better when it comes to releasing heat. Less material also allows for less moisture retention which helps the body’s process of cooling off.

What not to Wear:
You should never get a pair of shorts that is specifically designed for moisture retention. You could overheat and not perform as well. Another thing to consider is that some people think by wearing more clothing during a workout you actually loose more weight because you sweat more. This isn’t entirely true. More layers and material means that you will be holding in more moisture and this isn’t good for cooling yourself down. You won’t be able to workout as hard or as long, which would defeat the whole purpose.

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