Buying a New Rugby Kit? Five Things You’ll Need to Consider

Experienced rugby players know the importance of having a solid kit. Rugby is a physically demanding sport, and the right kit can improve your gameplay and let you feel comfortable on the pitch. There are scores of manufacturers that offer top-notch gear, but if you don’t know what your needs are as a player, how will you know where to start? Here are a few key factors you will need to take into account when buying a rugby kit.

Choose a Kit That Can Take Some Punishment

Rugby is a physically demanding sport that is commonly perceived to be even rougher than American football. You will be running, diving, and scrumming in your rugby games. Even if you’re not in the middle of a scrum very often, you are still likely to find yourself on both the giving and receiving ends of some nasty tackles. If you choose a cheap rugby kit, you are likely to see signs of wear and tear. Research what materials each brand uses to manufacture kits, and opt for something that can stand up to heavy punishment.

Remember to Breathe

Breathing isn’t just for your lungs. When you are physically active, your skin can get warm from the increased blood flow that is bringing oxygen to your muscles. Hence, your body radiates this heat outward in order to prevent you from overheating. If you are not wearing the right kind of fabric, this heat can get trapped next to your skin and make you feel very uncomfortable. When deciding which rugby kit to buy, try to select a breathable material (like a polyester blend) that will keep you cool during a match.

Find the Proper Size

Choosing a kit that fits you is a simple, but crucial, step. Your rugby gear should be snug, but not tight; it must offer you enough slack that you can move comfortably, but not so much that you are stumbling. You will be moving a lot on the pitch, so you want to find a rugby kit that fits in a way that does not impede your free range of motion.

Lighter is Better

It may seen trivial, but even a small difference in the weight of a material can have a big impact on your game. A heavy material can feel uncomfortable or, even worse, it could weigh you down during a game. Rugby is a fast-paced sport and players need to be able to move quickly. This is one factor that could become game changing in poor weather conditions; a heavy material becomes heavier in the rain, and this can slow you down.

Find Your Price Point

The final factor you will need to consider when buying a rugby kit is how much money you are willing to spend. Are you comfortable parting with a larger sum if it means you get a better product? Set your price point, and try to find the best deal for your dollar. If the kit you want is outside of your price range, look around for deals or coupons that might reduce the cost.

Rugby is a fun, challenging sport that players and fans adore. However, it is vital for players to have the proper rugby kit. A good rugby kit will be made of durable yet breathable material that is somewhat lightweight. Purchasing a kit in your size can make a big difference on the field. It isn’t always necessary to spend a bundle. If price is an issue, shop around for the best deal. By following these five tips, you can make sure you get a rugby kit that will serve you well.

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