Common Safety Concerns Around Your Home

Keeping your home safe is vitally important to your family. You should not have to worry about something happening, but instead, make sure you have no safety issues ahead of time. In general, you should always have telephones available in each room, or centrally located with emergency information nearby. Periodically check window and door locks to make sure they are working. Turn your water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit or lower to ensure no one is scalded. Check all appliances to make sure the cords are clean and intact. It is also a good idea to keep a flashlight and extra batteries on hand at all times.

Don’t forget to check outside the house for safety concerns. Check that porches and patios are well lit. Check all railings to ensure they are sturdy and safe. Look at the condition of sidewalks and walkways to check for cracks or uneven areas. This can be done by Sidewalk Repair of Fort Worth. Also, bushes and trees should not be covering the front door or windows to discourage intruders.

The kitchen is a good place to start inside the home to check for safety concerns. Make sure you have adequate lighting and always have a fire extinguisher in the room. Curtains should not be anywhere near your range or stove. For gas stoves, check to make sure that the pilot light has an automatic shut-off. Exhaust filters should lead to the outside and should be cleaned or replaced often. If you need to use a step stool occasionally, make sure it’s sturdy and won’t slip on the floor.

Bathrooms should be the next place to check safety issues. There should be adequate ventilation. All electronics should be kept away from the shower and sink. Ensure that you have ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) in case of water and electricity combination. This will automatically shut off your power.

Stairwells and hallways, although technically not categorized as rooms, are very important when it comes to checking for safety concerns. Hallways and stairwells should each have light switches at both ends. There should be smoke detectors placed so that all rooms will hear the alarm, should it go off. Stairs should always be kept clear of any obstacles.

In living rooms, all cords should be kept against the wall, and furniture should be in good working condition. There should always be clear walkways through the room. Fireplaces have several safety concerns, and are one of the most important places to check in the home. Have the chimney checked every year, and install a chimney cap to keep unwanted critters out. Make sure you have adequate air flow and ventilation inside the home. Always open glass doors, and it is a good idea to place a screen in front of the fire. Keep the area and the hearth clear of paper, wood, decor or furniture. Always have a fire extinguisher nearby, and be sure to install carbon monoxide detectors throughout the house. Never leave the house if there is a fire in the fireplace.

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