dental-injriesWhen it comes to sports, most players understand that there is usually some element of risk involved. Even sports that are meant to contain no physical contact can result in major physical injuries. Basketball, for instance, has been the perpetrator for many twisted ankles, broken bones, and many other types of injuries. Of all the sports injuries that occur, some of the most common are dental injuries. Stories of chipped or missing teeth are frequent among athletes. It is important to remember a few things regarding potential cost and possible treatments when you find yourself in the position where you are in need of dental work due to a sports injury.

Dental crowns are easily implanted false teeth that are meant to cover natural teeth. Dental crowns are commonly used to cover chipped teeth.

Maintaining a healthy dental regimen could make all the difference with your dental sports injuries. A healthy mouth is much easier to manage, and strong teeth are much more difficult to break and chip. Contact your local dentist to find out what you can do to improve your dental health before you ever have to make an emergency appointment.

In some sports injury cases, the damage that is done can be so severe that surgery and serious orthodontic care must be given. This can be scary to go through, but with the right dentist, you have nothing to worry about. While some patients in the past have had to suffer with stiff head gear and heavy metallic braces glued to the surfaces of their teeth, there are new and innovative ways to correct severe and post-surgery dental injuries using Invisalign. By investing in Invisalign, you won’t have to worry about any embarrassing orthodontics getting in your way. Almost all dental clinics have implemented Invisalign designs and products into their routine orthodontic procedures, so it’s not a problem at all finding a dental center that will apply them for you. If you need orthodontic work, you owe it to yourself to research Invisalign and see what you think of the product that has changed orthodontics forever.

In the most severe cases, an entire tooth may have to be removed and replaced with a false one. This can be a very painful thing to go through, especially if you are not accustomed to extensive dental work. Tooth replacement is no walk in the park, as any dentist or orthodontic patient will tell you, but it is certainly nothing to be afraid of. There are many facets of tooth replacement that may be painful in the beginning, but with time you will find that your new tooth looks and feels great with the help of certain medications and therapeutic exercises.

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