Finding Shade: Why Sunglasses Are Critical for Athletes in the Sun

Athletes have a love/hate relationship with the sun. In summer, sunny days mean dry playing surfaces and good light conditions, but the sun can also be oppressive and hard to deal with during the day. In the winter, less sunlight means less profuse sweating, but sunny days are still prone to glare, and more rain means less play.

Whatever the weather, it’s important as an athlete to protect yourself from the elements. Athletes already wear protective gear and specialized clothing, so why not add a pair of sunglasses to the mix to protect your eyes?

Keep Sunburn at Bay

Our eyes are like our skin; they don’t react immediately when exposed to ultraviolet rays. Just as you won’t see your skin turn red until hours after exposure to the deadly sun, your eyes react similarly if not properly protected by sunglasses. If you want your eyes to last a lifetime, sunglasses are imperative. The National Eye Institute recently confirmed that eye exposure to UV rays increases the chance of cataract development. UV exposure also contributes to inflammation of the cornea, abnormal tissue growth, and degeneration of the part of the retina that deals with visual perception. Sunglasses that block 100% of UV rays provide amazing protection. If you want a long successful career as an athlete, look to protecting your eyes first and foremost.

Lights at Race Meets

Just because the sun has gone down doesn’t mean you will be able to race without glare. If you are at the top of your game and have to perform at a stadium, sunglasses are still important. The bright lights, the flashes of professional cameras and the constant clicks of spectator flashes can make it hard to concentrate. The last thing you want while performing is for a flash or glare to put you off your game. Pick a colored, polarized lens to protect you from the annoying aspects of playing in a stadium.

Comfort During Performance

Sunglasses are great for aiding athletes in their quest for a lifelong career, but they also aid an athlete‚Äôs performance on the day. To perform well, the body needs to be relaxed and focused; this goes especially for long distance runners. Runners need to think about how relaxed they are, particularly in the arms, shoulders, legs, and back, but they tend to forget that wincing and squinting the eyes exerts a lot of energy as well. A tense body reduces your muscular efficiency and fatigue will set in quicker. Keeping your face “loose” helps transform the upper body into a zone of relaxation, allowing runners to perform better.

Reducing the Chance of Injury

If you play a grass-bound contact sport such as rugby or football, chances are you have had something flicked up into your eye before: debris from the ground, dust, or even someone’s fingernail. The simple fact of the matter is that wearing sunglasses will protect you from getting foreign bodies in your eyes.

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