Hunting for DeerGrowing up in the rural Midwest, hunting for deer was, and still is a very big part of my life. I have been deer hunting for about 30 years. It provides me a great opportunity to get out and enjoy nature. One of the other benefits of deer hunting is the fresh and nutritious meat that it provides for you and your family year round.

Laws and Regulations
In Illinois there are 2 different deer hunting seasons, a bow season that runs constant from early October until mid January, the second is shotgun season that is open for 3 specific weekends during November and December. You will need to check your own state regulations for information regarding hunting laws.

Land to Hunt
Finding land to hunt can be a bit tricky. The best option is to find a farmer that has some wooded land he will allow you to hunt. Farmers are usually willing to allow hunters to hunt their property since deer tend to do a lot of damage to their crops. Another option is public or government managed areas. They will usually allow a certain number of hunters to hunt these areas. This method is usually set up on some type of lottery system.

Finding a Spot to Hunt
Once you get permission to hunt on a section of land, you will need to scout the area for a good spot to set up a tree stand or a blind. One thing to look for, is an area where you can see trails that the deer move on. There is a lot of information available about scouting and finding a great spot to hunt for deer.

After the Kill
Once you have killed your deer you are going to have to skin it and process it, or have it processed by a meat processor. Regardless of whether you choose to process the deer or have someone else do it, you are going to have to skin it shortly after the kill. After you skin it you will need to hang it and let it bleed out. Be prepared for this task by having a good knife that is capable of handling the task. Personally I prefer the lone wolf hunting knife.

This is very basic information regarding hunting for deer that will get you started in the right direction. There is a lot more information available to you on the subject and I suggest you dig a bit deeper in order to have a successful hunt. If you do choose to hunt for deer I recommend finding an experienced hunter to mentor for at least one season. I hope you find hunting for deer an enjoyable experience.

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