Motorcycle Safety Tips

Now more than ever people are enjoying the freedom and excitement of motorcycle ownership. Motorcycles are a fun hobby, but the fun can be cut short if riders do not adhere to certain safety standards. Motorcycle accident lawyers in Sacramento have seen hundreds of wrecks that could have been avoided if riders had considered the following simple safety tips.


Wear Your Gear


Motorcycle owners know that motorcycle gear is almost as important as the bike itself. The gear has a twofold purpose, though. Yes, it is supposed to make you look cool, but it is also supposed to put at least some protection between you and the pavement. Riders face an entirely different level of danger when out on the open road. Good, tough, quality gear can lessen your injuries to some extent.


Helmets, Helmets, Helmets


Even though it is illegal to ride in most states without a helmet, many people still take this risk. Even if you live in an area that has loose helmet laws, you should still wear a durable, full face helmet that can protect you whole head and face. A helmet can mean the difference between a small collision and a life altering event. Always wear a helmet.


Keep Your Bike Road Ready


This is especially critical after winter. Most riders have to keep their bikes garaged during the long winter months. Spring time means flowers, sunshine and riding for you. Do not get ahead of yourself, though. Before taking your bike back on the road after its “winter break,” you should check it out thoroughly. Things like lights and breaks can malfunction when out of use. Make sure all of you cables are still in good condition and that fluid levels are at a good level.


Drive to Live


When you are finally out on the open road you should consider that just about every other vehicle on the road is bigger than you. Riders often times get a feeling of invincibility because they are faster or smaller than the other vehicles. The opposite is actually true. You are not invincible; you are actually at greater risk than others because of your size and speed. You should be very aware of your bike’s limits before driving long distances. Despite the fact that you feel like a rocket on your bike, you still need to abide by the speed limits. Also, remember that even though you are capable of weaving in and out of traffic, this is dangerous and disrespectful of other drivers.


Motorcycles are a cool, fun mode of transportation. Following these safety tips can ensure you are riding for years to come.

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