So you are ambitious and want to start training for a marathon! Follow these tips and you’ll be ready by race day!

Training For a MarathonFirst of all, focus on your running stride. Believe it or not, the correct technique can make or break you and help you to go the extra mile when it comes to running a marathon. If you find yourself running with short, and choppy strides you will be expending more energy than is necessary. On the other side of the spectrum, an overreaching stride wears out your muscles quickly. So you’ll want to focus on a stride that is in the middle. Bend your arms at a 90 degree angle and let them go their range of motion.

The second tip when training for a marathon is to be choosy with your footwear. You want shoes that fit your feet perfectly if you are going to be running that far of a distance. Go to a running store, and have them fit you with a nice pair of running shoes. They know what they are talking about, so listen to them and don’t spare any expense on getting some good top of the line shoes. You want your shoes to be comfortable and prevent getting an injury on your feet. Third, in order to further protect your feet, you want to make sure and get a great pair of socks. You want something that covers your feet and prevents blisters, because let’s face it, getting blisters can seriously dampen your resolve to run that long distance it takes to train for a marathon. A fourth tip in training for a marathon is to not just run.

This may seem counter-intuitive since a marathon requires a lot of running. However, running isn’t the only good training practice you can give yourself. You will want to spend some time each week cross-training doing workouts such as swimming, cycling and even weight training. These other activities will help to increase your endurance as well as give you a break from all that running. When training for a marathon another tip to keep in mind is to give your bones a little extra love. Because of the vigorous training your bones will take a beating. Make sure to increase your calcium levels when training so you can offset any damage to your bones you may be incurring. One of the best tips when training is to gradually increase your miles. Don’t think that you can run an entire marathon overnight.

In order to gradually increase your mileage, you’ll want to start training early. A good average to keep in mind is to increase your mileage by two miles each week. That being said, try two miles the first week, four miles the next week, and so on. If you are like me you like to listen to music while you run. That being said you’ll want to make sure you get some good earbuds for running. You want something comfortable that stays in your ear well so you don’t have to fumble with trying to put them in because they keep falling out.

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