kneepinkThe women’s knee sleeve is a common sight in gyms and on jogging trails. Women wear them with casual clothing in non-athletic activities such as shopping, dancing or business-casual social situations. Available in a wide range of colors, this joint support aid can go anywhere needed, and blend with nearly any type of attire. The key is that it does not change the shape and appearance of the body, or add unsightly bulk.

A Versatile Tool
Among the frequently recommended therapies for knee joint rehabilitation or prevention are knee sleeves, prophylactic knee braces, functional knee braces, and postoperative or rehabilitation braces. The categories of knee braces roughly translate into braces that prevent injury, compensate for a weak or injured joint, and support a joint after surgery. The women’s sleeve can perform all of these functions. It is useful for preventing injury by relieving stress on joints during athletic activities. Medical providers can prescribe or recommend the device because it supports injured joints without inhibiting natural inner structures. In post-surgical situations, doctors can use it to provide compression and support to aid healing and recovery.

The advantages of the sleeve technology are medically important and practical. Compression has therapeutic value for healing. It provides an effective form of overall support, it helps keep the joint warm, and mild compression reduces swelling. The sleeve does not inhibit normal movement and rotation within the joint. A balance of support and movement is vital to long-term health. One can make the joint weaker by too much support, as the joint will get support from the external device rather than the internal structure of bones, muscles and soft tissue.

Fit And Comfort
The fit is important, because the brace must stay in place to be effective. The function of a brace of any kind depends on proper placement. One must position the support to keep the muscles and bones in proper alignment. A brace that rises above, or falls below, the target area can do more harm than good. A well-designed appliance provides a reliable means of securing its position. This system must resist change with normal movement, strenuous activities, and exercise.

The Benefits Are Significant
With a proper size, fit, and placement, women sleeve wearers can walk, run, and move with greater ease and confidence. The fact that the joint has greater support encourages one to walk more, run more intensely, and move without hesitation. Pain relief is another significant benefit. A tired aching joint requires rest, medication, and limitation. Pain interferes with activities aimed at joint strength, improving flexibility, and conditioning related muscles. A proper brace can relieve or reduce joint pain, stiffness, and limitations. This, in turn, empowers successful efforts to strengthen and heal the joint.

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